Hello. I'm so glad you made it!  Thank you for jumping into my website. Please dive on in by clicking on the "Enter Site" button and have a look around.


You may notice that I'm still working on adding content to this site, but go ahead and splash about anyway. 


If your wondering about why this site is called "judojim," well, it's because when I was in high school I studied the ancient art of Judo, the gentle way, and I became pretty good at it. Good enough that my friends nicknamed me "Judojim."


At a later point in my life I worked as an underwater welder.  That job was pretty neat (sometimes) and I've posted a few pictures here relating to working offshore.


You will see that after going back to college at UC Berkeley and getting a degree in Political Science and after spending 5 years in the computer IT industry, I now work as a property manager in the real estate field.  This site is NOT about property management, rather it is about me, Judojim.  If you want information about property management please go to my other site, www.savvyproperties.com.


When you're finished exploring, please go to the "Contact Me" page and submit your inquiries and comments and I'll toss a line signal back to you as soon as I decompress.


Thanks again for coming,



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