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Question:  How do you eat a whale?

Answer:  One bite at a time.   


Hello my name is Jim.  I'm a native of the Midwest, an adopted son of the South, and California is now my home.  I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Political Science after several years of working in a variety of fields including the construction business, offshore petroleum, agricultural and real estate.


I started out as a construction pipe welder and after a few years found that I enjoyed teaching this skill to others.  After a few years as a welding professor I turned my deep interests in the welding arts into a career in underwater welding.  I worked on the research and development of underwater welding processes and procedures and I trained deep-sea divers the art of electric arc welding underwater.  After the research, the training, and the testing, I would then become team leader on the various deep-sea welding projects worldwide. 


The bottom of the ocean is a fascinating place, but the job is best left to younger sailors, and so, during the off seasons I began several small offshore construction based companies that prospered and failed as the petroleum markets changed.  These economic changes afforded me the opportunity to switch gears and become involved in what I call survival farming.  That's right:  corn, soybeans, hay, cows, chickens, goats, and an extremely large garden all serviced by diesel tractors, hybrid seed, oil-based chemicals, electric fences, blood, sweat and swearing. 


Yielding once again to macroeconomic changes, i.e., falling prices of my farm products, I entered academia in search of a recession-proof job.  That is when I became addicted to the Internet and technology and for the next several years I immersed myself in the finer details of computer information networks.  However, once again the winds of global economics shifted as I sought a meaningful career; yet one where I didn't have to change the world all at once.  No, I learned long ago that I could not change the world each morning as I walked out the door; rather, I learned that it is much more realistic to try improving it one small byte at a time.



So, as I venture along with this little blog please allow me this opportunity to update you concerning another direction that I have chosen.  Many of you may already know that I recently formalized my interests in real estate by taking  the classes, the exams, and applying for a real estate license.  All this training combined with 10 years experience in rental property management fortifies my belief that I am now better able to help folks with their real estate needs in a more meaningful and substantive way.   I've recently obtained a CCRM (California Certified Residential Manager) certificate and I plan on taking more classes relating to this field.


I have associated myself with Savvy Properties of Berkeley, California.  You can go to www.savvyproperties.com to find out more about my company.  What I like about this position is that each day brings new and unique challenges that really mean something to the folks I work with.  Quite frankly, I find this rewarding.


Since I've recently visited China (again) I will probably be adding another page to this website dedicated to my China excursions.  I think you'll enjoy it.  Check back in a few weeks to see some pictures of my trip to China.


With deepest regards,



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